How It Works

My Property Locker is an advanced database that allows its users to securely register any valuables that are serialized or contain identifiable marks. During the fast and simple registration process, users can add pictures of the item along with copies of receipts. Our Apple and Android apps allow users to scan product UPC codes using their mobile phones to seamlessly enter product information automatically. Our database has over 3 million UPC codes for common consumer products ready for our users. Once your products are entered, users have the ability to keep track of their purchases, warranty information and in the unfortunate event it is lost or stolen; report it as such.

My Property Locker also allows users to search products to see if they have been reported lost or stolen. This gives My Property Locker users the ability to prevent buying stolen products or assist other users in finding their lost property. If users want to search, simply enter the products serial number in "Is it Stolen?" box located at the top of the screen. Once the serial number is entered, you will instantly receive a result.

Police officers across the United States have access to My Property Locker. Upon successful registration and credential verification, police officers now can return lost or stolen items back to there rightful owners. When a police officer encounters an item they believe to be lost or stolen, they use the "Police Advanced Search" to receive My Property Locker users contact information to return their property. At My Property Locker, we strive to significantly reduce the millions of unclaimed lost or stolen items in police department storage facilities.

To sign up:

After signing up, users now have access to a comprehensive list of their valuables 24/7/365 from any cell phone or computer that has internet access.

My Property Locker assists users in the following ways:

Security at My Property Locker:

Users’ security is extremely important at My Property Locker; therefore, at My Property Locker, the following security protocols have been established:

Users can feel secure that NO ONE (including police) can do random inquires on your locker. Users can only verify their product purchases and receive a stolen or not stolen message. For police inquires, officers only receive users contact information to assist in returning users lost or stolen property.

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