Our Story

As members of Maryland law enforcement, the founders of My Property Locker have witnessed what occurs when a suspected criminal is caught with what appears to be stolen property — if an owner cannot be located quickly, the suspect cannot be charged.

Another common scenario happens when law enforcement officials discover stolen property, but cannot return it to its owner. There is so much property, and not enough time to properly track down the owners, that the property is sold at police auctions.

Realizing that stealing was easy, but earning money was difficult, the partners began My Property Locker. The idea is simple enough: provide citizens with a place to store serial numbers, pictures, and identifying marks associated with their property — whether it was a smart phone, piece of jewelry, or a set of expensive tools.

At the same time, alert law enforcement entities about My Property Locker so they could search the database when suspected stolen property was recovered. Not only could law enforcement officials make an arrest, citizens would be able to recover their valuable property.

My Property Locker has become a valuable tool and resource for citizens, law enforcement, and other retail establishments such as pawnshops. When you register property, you are not only protecting what you own, you are directly impacting the group of people who profit from selling stolen goods.

Ensure your property makes its way back to you, register today for My Property Locker — and keep the bad guys from keeping the possessions you worked so hard to own.