Law enforcement agencies and their employees can gain a great deal by signing up with My Property Locker. Conceived by Maryland law enforcement personnel, this service has a variety of benefits for police departments and government agencies.

Sign up can be completed by using a government email address. Once you have entered the official information, you and your authorized personnel can access the database.

Once you are signed up, members of your agency can search our database using serial numbers and other information. Property that been logged into the database will appear, along with information including when it was purchased and by whom.

My Property Locker has the ability to enhance your agency by giving you access to vital property ownership details when time is of the essence.

Imagine apprehending a suspicious person with 10 mobile phones, iPods or a bag of power tools in their possession. A simple search through our database could produce evidence that the phones clearly belong to other people. The information in our database allows you to quickly contact the property owners and confirm if their property is missing or has been stolen.

My Property Locker allows you and your agency to quickly solve crimes, and have an edge on the criminals at the time of engagement. Not only does this reflect well on your arrest records, it has a great deal of worth in regard to your agency and public relations!

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By identifying yourself as a law enforcement officer in any communication with My Property Locker, you attest that the rank, agency and officer identification entered is true and accurate. Falsely identifying yourself as a law enforcement officer will result with My Property Locker notifying the appropriate law enforcement agency and may result in criminal charges being filed against you in accordance with local, state or federal laws.

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